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Bathtub Repair and Shower Repair

John Gleason Plumbing has been serving Marin County bathtub and shower plumbing needs for both residents and businesses for more than 35 years.

Our experienced plumbers can provide 24 hour emergency service for your bathtub and shower needs.

Contact us anytime for 24 hour emergency plumbing service.

Our team can help with clogged drains, leak detection as well as water pressure issues, shower head problems, bathtub faucet issues, sewer line clean out, and much more….

There is no bathtub repair or shower repair problem too big or too small.

Call anytime and we can discuss bathtub and shower plumbing solutions with you. Particularly working with you to get all of your plumbing needs solved.

We can help with clawfoot tubs, alcove tubs and pedestal tubs. Additionally, with tub and shower combo’s, and stand-alone shower stalls. As well as all the various faucets and shower heads that are in use in bathrooms, tubs and showers.

We are happy to thoroughly discuss plumbing issues and solutions with you over the phone. Especially providing the plumbing repair guidance and advice to get your plumbing working again.